So you want to learn Yoga?

That is fantastic news!

Yoga is a wonderful way to help your mind, body and soul develop strength, flexibility and resilience, creating a deep feeling on contentment and wellbeing that lasts long after the final relaxation.

Whatever your level of fitness, flexibility and yoga experience, the classes I run have something to offer. Through regular attendance you will start to notice real benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing, it is really powerful stuff!

Classes in Treorchy and Clydach are starting in the week beginning April 16th, and you can find out more details about them, and about the style of Yoga I teach, and what to expect from my classes, below.


Highly Recommended

I have been attending Esthers Yoga classes now for a few months, although I often find it a struggle to fit classes into a busy life once I get there I really enjoy and leave feeling energised and relaxed, I have more energy and less aches and pains. Esther makes classes accessible for all ages and abilities. Highly recommended.
Linda Jones

Couch Potato Transformed

Esther came into our workplace for a series of classes. I was completely new to Yoga, and whilst my workload doesn’t allow me to be a total daily convert, she inspired me to listen to my body and my breathing and get off the couch more often. Thanks Esther for your endearing qualities.


Wisdom and guidance

I have always heard that one moment can change your life. Now I am living it. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your wisdom and your guidance. I am now a Yogi girl and it is the basis of my recovery. Breathe is what Esther told me and BREATHE is what I am learning to do. I am so grateful to have you as part of my journey. 😊


Rhondda Yoga Classes

I have classes in Clydach, Porth, Treorchy and Pontypridd.

Visit the Rhondda Yoga website for more details

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from my first yoga class?

The style of Yoga I teach is very traditional, based on the teachings of Swami Gitananda. We will begin each session with a few minutes of quiet sitting to quieten the mind and get ourselves ready for Yoga. There will be a few chants, which you will not be expected to take part in if you don’t wish to. We will do loosening exercises called ‘Jattis’ to release tension in the body, breath work, standing postures, floor work and a relaxation. The primary purpose of Yoga the way I teach it is relaxation and harmonising of body, mind and spirit. It is not a vigorous workout style. You will become healthier. leaner and more flexible, but these are by products of the class, not the purpose of it.

Do I need to register before attending a class?

You can register if you wish through the links above. If you will need to borrow a Yoga mat, please let me know as these are obviously limited in number.

What should I wear to class?

You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing that you can stretch, bend, lie and be on your hands and knees for. Tight waistbands, low cut tops and restrictive clothing are not suitable. Please also limit the amount of jewellery you wear, and if you have long hair, you might want to tie it back.

We will be barefoot through the class.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a blanket and a bottle of water. Have warm clothing you can put on at the end, such as a jumper (not a coat). Bring a Yoga mat if you have one (a Yoga mat is thin, not one of the thicker mats used for things like pilates)

Do I need to have my own yoga mat?

If you have a Yoga mat, by all means bring it, but I do have some I can loan out. Obviously, these are limited, so if you will need a mat, please use this form to let me know, and make sure to tell me which class you will be attending.

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Should I eat before coming to class?

Try to make sure that there is at least an hour after you have finished eating before coming to class, and try to avoid eating a heavy meal. Drink plenty of water, and try to avoid coffee for an hour or two before class as well.

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

Yoga is fantastic for pregnancy, and prepares the body and mind beautifully for the demands of pregnancy, birth and the time that follows. You can attend the class as normal, but please make sure I know, as there will be some modifications I need to make for you to ensure that you are practising safely.

You can tell me through this form if it is early days and you want to keep it to yourself (I won’t tell a soul!)

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How is yoga different from other kinds of fitness?

Yoga is not about fitness. You will become fitter and healthier through regular practice of Yoga, but that is not it’s aim. The style of Yoga I teach is all about bringing the mind, body and soul into balance. Through regular yoga practice you will find that you feel calmer, more grounded, have more energy, sleep better, and feel a greater sense of contentment in yourself. You will find that your body becomes stronger, more toned and more flexible, but more than that, it will become healthier and more balanced. You will become more in tune with the needs of your body, and it will work better for you.

Yoga etiquette

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts

We will start promptly so please make sure you are on time. Allow additional time if it is your first class.

Turn off all electronic devices

Please leave phones and other devices in your bag at the side of the room, and make sure that they are switched off, or at least on silent with no vibrate. If for any reason you need to have your phone available, please speak to me in advance.

Do not wear perfume to class

We will be doing a lot of breathing deeply through the nose, so strong perfume smells can be distracting, overwhelming and uncomfortable.

Let me know of any injuries or health issues

I can suggest alternatives moves for you if required, but I can’t do that if you don’t let me know. You can message me privately ahead of the class if you wish, or speak to me before we start. I promise utmost discretion at all times.

Avoid eating 1 hour before class

A heavy meal can make you feel uncomfortable. We will be doing lots of forward bends, and I can assure you from personal experience that these with a full stomach are very uncomfortable indeed!

Arrange your mat in an ordered fashion

The teacher will be sitting in the north of the room as is the tradition of her teachings. Mats will be arranged in rows in front of the teacher. (the room will be set out for you for the first few weeks of class so that you can see what is meant by this)

Ensure you can stay for the full class

The relaxation at the end of the class is a vital part of the class. This is not ‘lying down doing nothing’, it is a part of the practice which enables your body and mind to release the tension that has been built up through the postures, and is as important, if not more so, than the rest of the class. Please ensure that you are able to commit to staying for the whole of the class.

About your teacher

I am Esther Nagle. I started attending yoga classes with June Marshman when I was looking for a way to manage asthma that didn’t mean I had to stop smoking. I fell in love with the classes, and vowed that one day I would be a teacher.

The opportunity to follow this dream came after mental health issues meant that I had to give up work, and was looking for a new way to be and work. The training I followed changed my life for ever, allowing me to finally give up smoking and drinking, something I realised through my training I desperately needed to do.

I have been teaching Yoga for almost 4 years now, and love it. One of the greatest joys in my work is seeing the transformation that can happen in people in just a short Yoga class….seeing the total relaxation on faces as you emerge from the final posture, the relaxation, is a beautiful moment. Over the longer term, the transformation goes even deeper than that, and it is a real honour to share this wonderful thing called Yoga with you.

Any questions? Drop me a line to ask

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