Together We Can Find Your Path to Happiness and Health

Are you battling daily with stress and feeling like you are on the edge of falling apart?

Maybe you are worried about how much you are relying on alcohol, drugs, food or other harmful coping strategies?

Perhaps you are in recovery, or trying to quit a habit you know is hurting you, and are struggling to cope with the stress this is causing.

Would you like some support to guide you through this?  Support from someone who has been where you are and got through it?

How much would it help you if you could learn some powerful coping and relaxation strategies to get you through the tough times?

What would change if you could reframe the way you view the world and the things that happen to you to see lessons and opportunities rather than problems?

How would your life change if you could sleep better, wake up happier, and be more positive through the day?

Would you like to know more?

Read on!

Online Courses

A range of self paced online courses allow you to work through my teaching in your own time.  The courses cover a range of topics, and I will be adding more as time goes on


Through coaching I can help you to get to the core of who you are, what you want from life, and how to achieve your dreams.

I can help you if you are recovering from addiction, or looking to develop the resilience you need to beat stress in your life

One to One Yoga Classes

Working one to one with a yoga teacher allows the class to be tailored exactly to your needs, so we can ensure that we are targeting the exact parts of your mind and body that you need.  This can be done in your home or through Skype, depending on your preference and location

Workplace Wellbeing

I offer a range of options to help you improve wellbeing in your workplace.  A good business starts with a healthy and happy staff.  I can help your staff or colleagues develop healthy strategies to manage stress and wellbeing at work

How Can I Help You?

  • Are you stuck in life?
  • Not sure who you are, but feel that you might have accidentally fallen into someone else’s life?
  • Do you know that your life can be more than it seems to be?
  • Are you painfully aware that you are not living up to your full potential?
  • Do you have self destructive tendencies that you want to get over so that you can truly live life to the full?
  • Do you want to find more peace, more self awareness and compassion, to feel like a ‘better person’?
  • Do you want to take better care of your body and mind, but don’t quite know where to start?

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What People Are Saying About My Work

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!


“I am very happy to recommend her as a teacher as my experience of her classes has improved so many areas of my life Esther is very knowledgeable and passionate about the practice and teaching of Gitananda yoga and has ignited a strong interest and desire in me to learn more and practice regularly myself.

It is very much a pleasure and life improving experience to have Esther as my yoga teacher and I how that she will share her passion, talent and benefit of her yoga experience with others.

Heather Casey

“This was such a fantastic workshop and inspired me to really be aware of my breathing and how yoga and breath can change you. Esther is an inspiring teacher – so full of encouragement and gives simple, clear instructions, demonstrations and explanations. I really love and appreciate that she wove her own stories of healing into the teachings. The whole class was delighted – many smiles and much enjoyment. We learned a lot and left feeling very positive about ourselves and our abilities. I would happily do more of this kind of workshop with Esther Lelle Taffyn

“I have been lucky enough to have one to one yoga sessions with Esther. Esther is great at what she does and made me feel really at ease and comfortable in my surroundings. If I was unable to manage all of the movements then Esther was able to adapt them so that I could benefit from the stretches, she has a lovely teaching method and I would recommend her to anyone Samantha Smith

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