Transformation Through Yoga series

Has your life been transformed through Yoga? Will you share your story ti inspire others?

Yoga is so much more than a way to tone and strengthen the body. It is so much more than sitting in meditation. yoga is a powerfulvehicle for personal transformation that can and has changed countless lives for the better. #

I know this myself – I have 4 years of happy sobriety entirely thanks to Yoga.

I’ve been sharing my story of transformation through Yoga for a few years, but now I would love to hear yours.

Will you join me in a podcast/vlog series to share the benefits and magic that Yoga has brought into your life?

I’d love to hear from you. Please fill in the form below and tell me a little about how life has improved thanks to yoga, and I will be in touch soon.

Much love and gratitude to you



Transformation Through Yoga