Stress in Recovery – the big relapse risk

We are often tested in recovery.  Life can throw big rocks at us that makes us want to run to the comfort blanket of the bottle.

We get angry.

We get upset.

We get frustrated.

We feel lost and alone.

We feel lonely.

We feel scared.

We feel shame.

We feel.

All these are normal emotions, but after we are so used to drowning them in our addiction, dealing with them can be hard and scary.

It can make us want to go back to drowing the feelings.

In those moments of fear, pain, anger, stress, it can be so easy to think ‘I could just have a drink and all this will go away’.  That small thought could send us to behaviour that will temporarily ease the pain, but in the long run will add more negative feelings.

I once thought myself into smoking again after about 6 months of quitting, simply through my thoughts during a very stressfull time.  I HATED myself for smoking, but I had no other tools to turn to at the time.

Yoga offers many tools that help us to deal with these feelings and stress in recovery so that we can get past that craving.

One incredible practice that I learned through my training was ‘throwing out’.  It is a short, simple practice that lets you release negative emotions such as stress, anger, frustration and fear.  In just a few minutes, this practice can bring you to a place of calm, of peace and relaxation.

It can enable you to let go of any negativity, any feelings of resentment, shame, guilt, anger, any frustrations and fury you might be holding, whether aimed at yourself or someone else.

It is a very powerful practice.

It can take less than a minute to do, and can lead to an incredible release of tension.

Join the 30 Day Stressed to Serene UnChallenge this April

Would you like less stress in your life?

Does the level of stress in your life affect your sleep, your moods, your health or your enjoyment of life?

In Stress Awareness Month this April, join me as we explore a number of different ways to deal with, reduce, control and beat stress, take control of live, and learn to live with more joy and happiness.

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