Yoga Nidraa relaxation MP3


This 20 minute Yoga Nidraa relaxation will give your body and mind the same benefits as EIGHT hours sleep, and will leave you feeling restored, refreshed and deeply relaxed


Yoga Nidraa is a state of conscious sleep.  It is a very deep relaxation in which the body receives all the benefits of the deepest stage of sleep, while keeping the mind alert and conscious.

Yoga relaxation requires conscious relaxation of the mind, while promoting deep physical relaxation, in Yoga Nidraa, we achieve the deepest state of conscious relaxation possible.

Twenty minutes of Yoga Nidraa offers all the physical and mental benefits of eight hours of deep sleep.

There is much benefit to be had from this practice, particularly for those who struggle to get enough sleep, as so many of the population do these days.

This recording will be best listened to with headphones and complete peace, try to arrange for your family to leave you alone for half an hour or so to allow yourself complete relaxation.  Lie down in with a blanket over yourself in Shava Asana (straight legs, heels together with feet open, arms alongside the body with the palms facing upwards, and the body straight.  Try to make sure that you don’t fall asleep at all during the relaxation, try to make sure that you stay awake to get the full benefit (but if your body needs sleep, you probably will sleep, Yoga does give you what you need!)

DO NOT listen to this while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your concentration and for you to be fully awake.  You will be able to respond if you are needed, but try to avoid being disturbed.  Switch off your devices (or put them on to ‘airplane’ or do not disturb’ mode) while you are listening, and enjoy the relaxation