The Breathing Space 6 week course


Join The Breathing Space today and work with an experienced Yoga teacher to learn the basics of good breathing, so that you can develop better resilience to stress, get better sleep and relaxation, and calm and quieten your mind..and much more!

In this 6 week online course you will

  • learn powerful relaxation techniques
  • develop stress management strategies
  • learn how to focus and calm your mind
  • energise your body and mind


Relax your body and mind
Improve sleep and energy levels
Still and quieten the mind
Release tension in the mind and body

Learn to breathe and transform your wellbeing in The Breathing Space

In the 6 weeks of this training course, you will be guided through a series of lessons teaching you the basics of how to breathe well. We will work with a practice known as Vibhagha Pranayama, which will gently open the lungs, increasing your lung capacity, increasing your awareness and control of the lungs, and improving your breathing technique. The sessions will be 45 minutes each, and will also include some gentle movement to release tension in the body, to enable you to sit for the breathing practices and relax more completely.

The course materials include

  • weekly live training, delivered at a time agreed by consensus, recorded and made available for you to access in your own time
  • a beautifully designed journal you can complete digitally or print, to record your thoughts, experiences and insights along the journey
  • relaxation MP3s you can download and listen to in your own time
  • a weekly article to help you in your understanding of what you are learning
  • a private Facebook group where there will be daily support and encouragement from me, and a place to share with your course-mates, so we can all learn from one another


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