Hello, and thank you, I am so glad you have come to visit the world of Balance and Breathe. Addiction and stress damage mind, body, emotions and soul. Yoga is a way of life that soothes mind, body, emotions and soul. It makes sense then, doesn’t it, that Yoga would have the power to help recovery from both addiction and stress. I have experienced both, and have experienced the power of Yoga for healing.  It is now my greatest joy and passion to share this power with anyone else who is in need of release from addiction and stress.  On this page, you can access guest blog posts, podcasts, TV and radio appearances I have made in the interest of sharing my story. If you are battling the demons that lead you into addiction, that keep you stressed and anxious, unable to sleep, to relax, to feel good about yourself, to let go of the past, I am here for you. There is a great selection of resources on this website that can help you in your recovery.  Here I will highlight some key articles and items of interest for you to start.

A selection of my best blog posts

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If you would like to explore how we could work together to help you deal with the stress of recovery, so that you can develop effective coping strategies to secure your recovery, let’s talk.  You can book your free Connection Call using the button below

Here are some helpful stress busting videos.  You can find these and more in the Relaxation Repository, my free resources library

The Grow with Gratitude programme is a powerful masterclass and 10 day self guided programme with Facebook support that will help you discover and harness the power of gratitude for personal growth and wellbeing.

How would your life improve if you could reduce stress, and improve your response to stressful situations?  How much better would you sleep?  How much happier would you be?  How much more could you achieve in a joyful way?

This powerful 6 week course will help you to Breathe The Stress Away

I am the author of Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, a book charting my own journey to recovery and how you can use the same tools I did.  It is part memoir, part self help book, and part ‘yoga for beginners’ guide.

Bent Back into Shape is available on Amazon.  You can get in from the UK site, the US site, or your local Amazon site

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