I have been a proud member of World Health Heroes since July last year. World Health Heroes is the brain child of the whirling dervish that is Owen Morgan, and are a growing collective of complementary therapists who want to change the world,and people’s health. Owen is a real inspiration, and I have written about his story here

One of the ways World Health Heroes is achieving its mission of raising the profile of complementary therapies, is through the World Health Heroes chat show. I was delighted to be a guest on this episode, discussing the importance of sleep for physical and mental wellbeing. I talk about how sleeplessness contributed to, and was fuelled by, my addiction, as well as shared some tips to help you with sleep. Fellow guests on the show were hypnotherapist Sharon Stiles, and physiotherapist and health coach Lisa Jones, both of whom had lots of really useful tips and suggestions to help improve sleep.

If you have any problems with sleep, you will find this episode of the World Health Heroes invaluable, and you can find out more about sleep on this blog post

In the episode I refer to Yoga Nidra, the powerful, restorative relaxation that is believed to give the body the benefits of a full night’s sleep. If you would like a powerful download of Yoga Nidra, you can purchase a specially recorded mp3 of Yoga Nidra here

Yoga Nidraa relaxation MP3

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