We all know about the physical side of Yoga, the stretching, the postures, the elegance and impossibility of the Instagram Yogis.


But did you know that yoga offers so much more than that?


Did you know it can TRANSFORM your life?

Are you looking for a path to discover who you REALLY are, and why you do the things you do?

Yoga can guide you through deep self discovery and awareness, helping you uncover your unconscious patterns and drop the habits and addictions you may not even be conscious of

Do you want to develop resilience, strength, clarity of mind and the ability to find calm in an increasingly crazy world?

Yoga provides tools and techniques that enable you to become the master of your mind, instead of letting your mind control you.

Do you feel that life is out of balance, that you are adrift physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and you don’t know how to rebalance yourself?

Yoga is the most powerful path available to bring all aspects of your being into alignment, to bring you into balance and harmony, to enable you to step into the world fully YOU in all your wonderful being.

Balance and Breathe is passionate about the path to powerful personal development that Yoga offers for modern life, and offers The Shakti Lounge as your roadmap along this path

Imagine a day…..

You wake up refreshed, raring to go, and greet the day with a smile and delight at the gifts life has to offer you. Your body feels amazing, and you are comfortable and happy in it because you know it is healthy, and it works well for you. The food you eat throughout the day nourishes you and you enjoy every mouthful.

You move through your day with presence, never feeling rushed, never feeling overwhelmed, because you live life with intention and focus. You have a strong understanding of who you are and what is important to you, and you shape your life in accordance with that. So the things you do in your life become part of who you are, not an endless to do list.

You give to others gladly, because you know that you are able to give to yourself first. Your self care practices are fundamental to your life, and to your wellbeing, and you know that there is no guilt, only strength and wellbeing, to be found in making this a priority.

You rarely feel stressed, but when you do, you are able to swiftly move from anxious and stressed to problem solving and action, because you have the skills to recognise and alter the thoughts that are making you feel stressed.

Your friends marvel at the way you seem to move so peacefully and joyfully through life, and ask you what your secret is….

You tell them……

“I go to The Shakti Lounge”

The Shakti Lounge is a brand new online learning space that will guide you along a powerful path of self discovery, acceptance and growth, through the ancient teachings of Yoga. Shakti is the Feminine aspect of the universe, the creative energy that brings life into being. When we as women step into our true selves, connect with the intuition that is so powerful in us, bring mind, body and spirit into balance and claim our power, we can become an amazing force for good in the world, in our own lives, and the world around us. The goddess Shakti is said to embody the qualities of nurturance, strength, compassion, creativity, beauty, sensitivity, intuition, patience, intelligence, and tolerance.  How much could you improve your life, the life of those you love, and the world you live in if you could develop those aspects of yourself?


In The Shakti Lounge, you can!


Who is The Shakti Lounge for?

The  Shakti Lounge is perfect for you if

  • You know that you are not living the life you were meant to live, but aren’t sure how to get on the right path
  • You struggle to manage stress and difficulty effectively in life…maybe you turn to alcohol, food, shopping, work or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook to escape from your unhappy feelings
  • You feel disconnected from your body. You never seem to have enough energy, struggle to sleep well, seldom truly enjoy food, rely too heavily on caffeine, sugar, high calorie foods to keep you going through the day
  • You struggle to create time for self care and routines that support your wellbeing
  • You are ready to change things for the better, and are committed to living life in your true potential, and to growing into the kind of woman who can live the life you know you were born to live

In The Shakti Lounge you will learn

  • How to become more in tune with, and aware of, your body, emotions, thoughts and spiritual self, and how these four elements of your being are so intrinsically linked.
  • How to blend the ancient philosophy of Yoga with modern life, and how Yoga has wisdom to share that may even be more important to us in the 21st century than it was in ancient times
  • Tools for self exploration that will reveal to you how you show up in the world, both to others and to yourself, and will help you shape how you want to show up in the future
  • Physical practices that will help you to let go of tension, bring your body and mind into balance, relax, increase energy and vitality and more
  • How to become more in tune with your body, the messages it tells you, and the way it alerts you to what it needs
  • Stress management strategies to help you become more resilient to the storms of life, and to enable you to get through difficult situations, and to be able to walk through life with a calm confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you.
  • ….and more….

Yoga is a whole system for living that brings the whole human being, mind, body and spirit, into balance and harmony. It is not possible to have a truly healthy body with a mind or spirit that is in turmoil.

Through Yoga you can find true peace and harmony as you explore the deepest parts of your being, learn to understand, and take better care of your body, to gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions, and to hear the voice of your inner self.

The Shakti Lounge is being lovingly created as we speak, and I am now ready to let a limited number of women in.

The group will be kept small so that I can ensure that I am able to support everyone and give you all the time, love and attention you will need on this journey of growth and transformation.

The doors will open on the Spring Equinox, March 20, but there will be a special one off, private workshop, delivered online on 18 March, for those who join at any level before midday on March 18.

In this workshop we will look at some of the concepts I will be teaching in the Shakti Lounge, and taking you through a beautiful Yoga practice, helping you to bring much needed balance into your mind, body and spirit.

This workshop will ONLY be available to those who are paid up members at the time, the replay will only be made available to those in the club.

Don’t delay, get in before you miss out of this amazing bonus offer!

There are four levels to membership of The Shakti Lounge

Do you have any questions before you decide?

Get in touch if you have any questions

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Meet your guide

Your guide in The Shakti Lounge is author, speaker and teacher Esther Nagle.

Esther has experienced first hand the transformative power of Yoga when her Yoga teacher training led her first to accept, then to let go of, 2 decades of alcohol and drug addiction.

Sober since 2014 solely through the application of Yoga to her life, Esther is passionate about the healing and transformative power that Yoga offers to anyone in need of healing and transformation.

She loves to share the teachings of Yoga, and the understanding she has developed of the human condition, with others, and is looking forward to welcoming you to The Shakti Lounge.

The Shakti Lounge opens in