Services I Offer

Peace of mind, relaxation and happiness can be yours!

I transformed my mindset, my self esteem, my happiness, in fact, my whole life, through Yoga when I learned about the many ways that yoga can influence my life beyond the mat!

This has taught me so much about life, about happiness, about wellbeing, peace of mind and so much more.

I want to help and inspire you to find your happiness and peace in life too!

I want to empower you create the changes you need in your life, whether you need stress management, better sleep, increased self esteem, an end to addictions, more positivity, or ways to deal with the pressures of work.

When you work with me, and commit to do the work, you will see some amazing transformations in your life, as I did in mine!

I am here to help you on this wonderful path to happiness.

One to one coaching

I am currently revamping this page and my coaching programmes. The page will be updated very soon.

I will be offering intensive 2 hour sessions, in person coaching, all day VIP experience, and in depth 6 and 12 week packages.

My coaching will help you to take control of your life, to move you towards happiness, inner peace, self awareness, relaxation, stress management and increased energy.

We can look at specific area such as

  • Dealing with cravings
  • Increasing positive thinking
  • Improving sleep
  • Management of emotions
  • Stress manangement and reduction
  • Improving physical flexibility
  • …and much more!

If you would like to find out more about these coaching packages, then let’s arrange a time to talk about your particular concerns about your life, and how I can help you make it easier.