I didn’t manage to post on here yesterday.  Not because I didn’t want to, or didn’t have ideas, but it is the school holidays, and between my morning yoga practice, walking the dog, then being with Marcus all day, I didn’t have time.

I was going to write my post after Marcus went to bed, but as I was making a cup of camomile tea I suddenly realised that my whole body was exhausted, and that, apart from time to eat lunch and dinner, I hadn’t really sat down and rested all day since my morning quiet sitting time!

I had a great day.  I taught Marcus to ride a bike, walked with the dog and the child, took Marcus swimming, cleaned the kitchen and ‘potched’ around the house doing bits and pieces of housework.  Map my Walk tells me that all together I walked about 8 miles all together, which isn’t a lot by my standards, but still quite a lot.

All essential activities and, for the most part, lots of fun, but I was worn out physically and mentally by 8.30 (hazards of 5am rising, I am not much use after 9pm most nights!)

I thought about trying to write, but knew that I wouldn’t write anything especially coherent, so decided to listen to my body and brain, and just go to bed.  If I had tried to write, I might have got something done, but it would have been at the expense of me getting a good night’s sleep so not really worth it.  Certainly not good for someone who promotes self care and listening to your body!

Self care is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.  When we don’t take care of ourselves, when we don’t prioritise our own wellbeing, we are not able to give of our best to our work, our loved ones, to anything.

We get the idea of self care and self centred-ness mixed up.  Putting your needs above others and neglecting the needs of others is one thing, and not advisable.  Ahimsa, non harming, tells us that we must not harm others, but it applies to ourselves as well.  We must make sure that we don’t harm ourselves, and keeping our attention on self care is one good way to do that.  Self love and compassion are crucial steps to a truly healthy life.

What is self care?

Self care can come in many forms.  It is what ever keeps your body, mind and spirit calm, happy and at peace.  For me self care can be (in no particular order)

  • Yoga asana
  • Gratitude lists
  • Quiet sitting
  • Walking
  • Listening to, singing to and dancing to music
  • Going to see live bands
  • Cuddles with my son and/or my dog
  • Sleep
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Being at the coast
  • Being in the hills
  • Being near trees
  • Looking at the stars
  • Long baths with music, books and herbal tea
  • Swimming
  • Laughing
  • Not drinking coffee (over 2 weeks without coffee now, and I feel great!)
  • Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea
  • Eating healthy food
  • Reading for personal growth
  • Reading purely for pleasure (reading Marian Keyes novels mostly!)

I have experienced both the painful effects of not properly taking care of oneself, and the pleasure and recovery that comes from embracing self care as a priority in life.

When we are healthy and at peace in body and mind, we can deal with life so much easier.

Self care is a vital part of your armour against the stresses and strains of live, it can really boost your resilience and make life much more pleasant.

Self care can also improve how you relate to others, as when you are calm and happy, you will reflect that to them.

Self Care to Beat Stress

Today I am going to be interviewing my friend Karen Robinson, a passionate promoter of self care, for the Stressed to Serene UnChallenge.

The video will be going out on day 14 of the challenge, by which time you will have learned lots of practices that can form part of your self care routine.

The Stressed to Serene UnChallenge is creating some massive shifts for participants.  If you would like to experience the benefits it can bring to your life, sign up here and start your 30 Day journey from Stressed to Serene

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