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When the noise and fuss of the world gets overwhelming and you feel like you need some space and peace, you can look within to find it.  Indeed, this is the only place you will truly find peace.  This simple practice will help you to quieten and calm your busy mind, and give you space to just be

This is a fantastic practice to enable you to release any physical and mental stress and worry that you might have.  Perfect for relaxation or energising, this is a wonderful addition to your self care tool kit!

This deep relaxation is perfect to help you balance and relax body and mind.  Watch the video above, or download this mp3 and listen to it at a time when it is safe for you to relax deeply

The talk above was given in India, on the first day of the Women Economic Forum in 2016.  This is the day that I published Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, my first book.  You can download a free excerpt of the book here

If you want to purchase the full version, please visit Amazon UK,, or your local Amazon store, it is available worldwide

This is an interactive relaxation workshop I delivered as a webinar.  I talked about mindset and physical practices you can use, such as gratitude, breathing techniques, and more, to help you to relax body and mind

This workshop was a very spontaneous delivery in response to my own and other people’s emotions on the day of the results of the US presidential elections.  The fear so many people felt was palpable through the internet and in my own mind, so this was my attempt to help people reframe and relax.  There are some powerful relaxation practices shared in this workshop, which was about an hour long

This 12 page ebook offers you a range of tools and tips that can help you in your recovery to make it an easier and more enjoyable process.

Download your copy here