I often marvel at the fact that I used to work in roles that required me to have attention to detail. I have many strengths and good points, but attention to details is not one of them, I think I could say I am far more a big picture thinker!
This morning I was very pleased with my organisational skills as I scheduled an email to be sent out tomorrow at 1pm, and happily went off for a walk with Shanti.
I came back a couple of hours later and was mortified to discover that the email had already been sent, as I had, it would seem, forgotten to change the date when I set the schedule!
If that had happened a couple of years ago….maybe not even that long ago, I would currently be under my duvet, calling myself many horrible names for being such an idiot, and would be panicking that I could never hold my head up in public again.
Instead, I have written an email to everyone who received the email, requesting that they please laugh kindly at me, and I have had inspiration for a blog post and another Monday Motivation email tomorrow.

You are NOT your mistakes

I made a mistake.  A silly mistake, and one that I will certainly not be making again (I HOPE!), but it was a mistake.

It shows quite clearly my poor attention to detail, but anyone who has ever spent more than about 3 minutes in my company will know that this is a part of my personality.  It is a trait that emerges in every personality test I have ever taken (I am an ENFP, it is almost obligatory to have poor attention to detail!), and it is something that, with the best will in the world, I struggle to master.  That is not to say I will never master it, but it takes conscious, dedicated effort.

This is one aspect of my personality, but it isn’t the whole of who I am.

I am not a bad person because I made a mistake, and it doesn’t mean that I can’t offer great value to people who I can truly help.  If you want me to fill in a 2000 line spreadsheet, you should probably look elsewhere, but if you want to learn how to learn to deal with stress, to let go of negativity, and to learn to move on from mistakes, I’m your girl!

We all make mistakes, it is a natural part of the human experience, and our most powerful way to learn.

When you make a mistake, take a deep breath (or more if you need to), look at what you can do to rectify the situation and make amends, apologise if you need to, learn the lesson and move on.

When we internalise mistakes we create shame, a truly destructive emotion to live with.

In this post, I shared several ways to move on from a mistake.  In the post I talk about relapsing in recovery, but the lessons in the post are applicable to any time we fail to live up to our own standards in life.

I would love to hear about positive ways you have to deal with mistakes when you make them.  Please share in the comments below.

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