Magical Mindful Moments

Does your day start with a smile or a snooze button and a silent prayer for another night’s sleep?

When you get up, do you have time for you, or are you thrust straight into the busyness of family life, and getting ready for school and work?

Do you feel calm and focused, or are you running through a seemingly endless list of ‘to-do’s that pull you in 20 directions at once, and leave you feeling that your life is not your own?

Are you able to apply yourself with focus to a task, or do you find that things take twice as long as they ought to, because you are so easily distracted by notifications on your phone?

We live in a world of constant stimulation, and wonder why we struggle to find stillness and quiet in our minds.

Our brains do a good job of filtering out the noise, but it can feel like there is just too much of it!

It doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to be at the mercy of the outside world, You can take control of your mind!

You can live a life in which you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead, find a place of peace and calm, and flow with life instead of fight against it.

Research has proven that making just a short amount of time each day to get still and quiet, and to reflect on your goals, dreams and experiences can create huge shifts in your life.

Beginning the day in meditative stillness might feel like an indulgence when you have lots on your plate, but taking this time out will actually enhance your ability to perform throughout your day, allowing you to achieve more and be happier in your day.

In the ‘Magical Mindful Moments‘ 10 day experience, starting on the 17 July, you will begin a journey of exploration into yourself, shining a light into your life and making your world sparkle.

You will need to devote about 30-40 minutes a day for the practices I am going to share with you, ideally in the morning when you rise, and at night just before you go to bed, but obviously you must make this work for you and your schedule.

There is an old saying, ‘WhenMom is happy, everyone is happy’. Speaking as a mamma who has been very unhappy and seen the impact this had on my boys, I can assure you this is true. Whether we are mothers or not, when we take care of ourselves, we show up better in the world and are in a better position to serve those around us.

So if you have a little voice in your head telling you that you can’t possibly take 30-40 minutes for yourself, please know that the benefits you personally get from this will ripple out and benefit those around you as well, whether this is your family, friends, work colleagues, clients..anyone who crosses your path in fact.

I will be guiding you through short meditation practices and self exploration which will help you to begin and end your day in a calm, relaxed frame of mind.

I will help and support you to find a way to incorporate these practices into your daily life so that it creates space and ease, not pressure and guilt!

We will meet daily in a Facebook group where I will be there to answer your questions, and will be sharing tips, advice and insights in a daily livestream. You will have the chance to meet others in the challenge, to share experiences and motivate and support one another as we go through the journey together.

Some of the benefits you may see from this exploration are

⦁ better sleep
⦁ increased focus
⦁ feeling more connected to yourself
⦁ better understanding of yourself
⦁ better response to stress
⦁ more positive outlook

join the magical mindful moments challenge with Esther Nagle of Balance and Breathe

The challenge begins on 17th July, and I invite you to watch this short video I have made to explain it a little further.

join the magical mindful moments challenge with Esther Nagle of Balance and Breathe

I do hope you will join me on this journey to stillness and peace. Here is the link to join up, and you will be guided to a welcome page when you are in.

with love, and looking forward to seeing you in the Facebook group on July 17th