What would happen if you loved YOURSELF unconditionally just for one day? If you truly valued and treasured everything that you are, mind, body and soul, just for one day.

What would you do?

What would you eat?

What would you drink?

What would you tell yourself?

Where would you go?

Who would you spend your time with?

How would you relax?

What would make you laugh?

Spend some time reflecting on these questions, maybe writing the answers down somewhere.

Then look back at the answers you have written.

How many of those things can you do now?

If you don’t feel that you do love yourself right now, I bet you can do a few of those things to feel like you do.

How different will life look if you at least ACT as though you love yourself?

In this webinar, I share some powerful ways to develop self compassion and love, key ingredients for genuine self love. Register now, and watch in your own time

5 Ways to Cultivate Self Compassion and Forgiveness through Yoga fb cover


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