Green drinks are all the rage now. I recently began an attempt at a vegan keto diet, and while it has fallen by the wayside a little (it is HARD to be a vegan on the keto diet!), the practice of drinking green powders at breakfast has continued. I was recently given a sample of Lean Greens to try. It has become a part of my breakfast nutrition routine, although I will admit it is based on the philosophy of ‘food as fuel’ rather than enjoying the taste! I feel great for it though. I asked Stewart of Lean Greens to write a guest post for me about why green drinks are so good for you. I hope you enjoy it.

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what's all the fuss about green drinks guest post from lean greens cup of green

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The colour green evokes a lot of images, from verdant forests to shimmering jewellery. But in the era of healthy living, more people are starting to associate green with the fluids they drink.

Green drinks tend to come in two distinct forms; smoothies that are made up of blitzed vegetables and powder-based supplements which combine natural ingredients in a more concentrated format.

So what’s the difference between smoothies and supplements, and why are green drinks gaining so much attention at the moment?

The Low-Down on Green Smoothies

Smoothies have risen from relative obscurity to mainstream dominance in the past two decades, with top brands even outselling fruit juice.

Initially the smoothie trend was kick-started by products at the sweeter end of the spectrum. However, it eventually became apparent that health benefits were more readily available by switching to green vegetables from sugar-packed fruits.

A green smoothie can feature any number of vegetable ingredients, from celery and kale to spinach, mint and even avocado. In many cases the inclusion of fruit is also necessary, as this takes the savoury edge off the taste and provides a bit more variety in terms of the vitamins and minerals that it contains.

Apples are a common addition, as they are in keeping with the green colour scheme, but oranges are just a popular as an extra in green smoothies.

Opting for a green smoothie has the secondary benefit of giving you access to the all-important fibre that comes with eating plenty of vegetables. This is great for your digestion and is often why these drinks are used for detoxing.

The main issue with this type of green drink is that they are labour-intensive to make at home and expensive too, whether you concoct them from fruit and veg you buy yourself or splash out on a pre-made smoothie off the shelf. If you don’t want to spend hours a week prepping your smoothie and cleaning the appliances you used to create it, this might not be ideal.

what's all the fuss about green drinks guest post from lean greens

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The Rise of Green Powder Supplements

As a time-saving option for busy people who want to stay healthy, green drinks made using powdered supplements are more popular now than ever before.

Almost half of Brits take supplements each day. And the very best examples promise to provide pure, natural ingredients in a water-soluble form that you can gulp down in seconds, rather than taking ages to make.

In terms of ingredient diversity, green powders definitely have the edge over smoothies. They can contain an intensively healthy blend of wheatgrass, spirulina and alfalfa, along with spinach, broccoli, carrot and a number of other extracts.

High quality green powders will also factor in digestive enzymes to improve the way your gut processes food, along with metabolism-boosting compounds like those found in green tea.

The combination of convenience and tangible health benefits that comes as a result of green powder drinks has helped to catapult them into the spotlight, alongside other popular supplements. The main issue that some people might have with them is that the taste is unlikely to be as appealing and fresh as an equivalent fruit-laden smoothie.

The team at Lean Greens indicate that green powders like this shouldn’t be used to replace vegetables, but should be used to supplement an already balanced diet. This is an important fact to remember whenever you decide to make a change to what you eat.

Smoothies and powders alike should be chosen as a way to compliment a healthy lifestyle, not as a stand-in for wholesome foods that you should be eating anyway.

What are your favourite brand of green powder?

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