In today’s podcast I am talking to Jo De Rosa, the founder of Quantum Sobriety, Inner Guidance Retreat centre, and author of If you could have anything: What would it be?.  Jo was addicted to something from the age of 14 when she started smoking, until the age of 40 when she quit drinking.  Jo has been on an incredible journey which includes fleeing the country to go to Thailand, in search of escape, fleeing from Thailand back to the UK, still in search of escape, until she finally found escape through meditation.

We talked about the trauma of birth and how this affects us, finding your truth, the many different paths we can take to recovery and the benefits of cacoa in meditation.  Jo is mentored by the Chocolate Shaman, who has been very influential in the development of the Quantum Sobriety programme.

We talked about the benefits of clean eating, and the problems of sugar addiction in the world.  Many people replace alcohol with food in recovery, so it is important to try to get to grips with the emotional issues behind the addcition so food addiction doesn’t replace alcohol and drug addiction.  Jo’s husband Dom has written a great recipe book to help you on your way if you want to try to alter your eating habits as a result of listening to this episode.

Jo’s chosen ‘Sober Living Rocks song is ‘Passion’ by Gat Décor

You can find Jo online

Quantum Sobriety website

Inner Guidance website

Quantum Sobriety Facebook page

Inner Guidance Facebook page


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