Nicola is Editor-In-Chief of I Love Recovery Cafe – a website discussing addiction and mental health issues of all kinds.  The site is open to writers who want to share their stories, I was able to share mine here

She began her own recovery on 23 January 2010.

Shortly after that she began writing again, a passion she had neglected through her most troubled years. She began blogging, which evolved into running her on e-zine, which is attached to the website.

Her backgroud is in healing and is a reflexologist, massage therapist and energy healer. She is currently training to be a holistic lifecoach.

She runs an online womens wisdom healing circle on open to all women dealing with addiction and mental health issues on a personal level or have family members who are struggling.

She has been widely published in Recovery magazines internationally and is also a feminist writer and activist.

Like me, Nicola is a single mother, and so we talked about some of the unique challenges that addiction and recovery brings to single mothers, and the struggles we face to rebuild not only ourselves, but our children as well.

Nicola talked about how important it was for her to heal ‘from the outside in’, to get the practicalities of her life in order before she could begin to work on her inner world, and the importance of routine.

Nicola wrote this amazing post about celebrating 7 years of sobriety, and the lessons she has learned from her journey.  It has blown me away everytime I read it!

We talked about the importance of connecting to nature, to the living world and to our nature (when two hippes talk!), and about the joy there is to be found in being surrounded by music.  Her chosen ‘sober living rocks’ track is “As the Rush Comes”, by Motorcycle



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