Gina was another guest introduced to me by the formidable Jacquie Johnston Lynch of Tom Harrison House.  We had a lovely chat about life in addiction and in sobriety.

Gina shares about how her work in the restaurant industry made it very easy for her to feed her addiction, and make it seem normal and acceptable so that it took a long time before she realised there was a problem.

She also talked about the challenges and joys of being in a relationship where alcohol is also a party in the relationship, and what it is like when one, and then both partners try to quit.

Gina finds comfort in books in her recovery, and while she isn’t really much of a music fan, she did share that Pharell Williams’s ‘Happy’ makes her feel cheerful (how can you not feel good when you listen to this song?), so here is that video – turn it up and dance!

Gina now runs her own wellness business, you can find out more about this here


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