Craving is something that affects us all, not just those of us in recovery from addiction.

Yoga philosophy tells us that the root of human suffering is to be found in the Kleshas, the 5 Obstacles identified by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  They are

  • Avidya  – ignorance of the truth of who we are
  • Asmita – Ego, we identify as the physical form only
  • Ragas – attachment, desire
  • Dvesha – aversion
  • Abhinivesha – fear of death

While each of these have a part to play in addiction (and I will look in more depth at this in a future post), it is clear that Ragas, attachment, is a factor in both addiction, and the human experience in general.  Cravings are something we all experience to some level, whether we are ‘addicted’ or not.  Yoga has many concepts and practices that can help us all to move on from this state of Ragas, and move into a more mindful relationship with the world and ourselves.

Last night I did a livestream on my Facebook page to share some practices that can help with cravings of any description.  I talked about how cravings are merely thoughts created by the mind, as a response to an external situation or a series of other thoughts. They are generally a response to stress, and, while they can feel very powerful, they can be mastered.

I shared several tools that yoga offers to help take control of the mind, and prevent cravings leading us to actions we will later regret.

I hope you find this video helpful. If you would like to explore working with me to harness the power of Yoga to help you reduce stress in your life and recovery, please get in touch.


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