Beating Stress One Breath At A Time

The Breathe The Stress Away six week video course will guide you to better health, reduced stress, and greater wellbeing through better breathing


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Do you need a way to STOP the STRESS and create CALM in your life?

I can help with that!

As you have found your way to my website, I imagine that you might be feeling

  • Stressed, there is just so much to think and worry about
  • Exhausted, you can’t remember the last time you had a decent night’s sleep!
  • You’re letting everyone around you down, feeling like you’re the worst mother, wife, daughter, colleague, friend, neighbour, human…..

You feel like you’re just one more disaster away from total meltdown.

You are sure you’re going to lose it at work soon, you’re worried you might doze off driving home from exhaustion, and you can’t even remember why you yelled at the kids this morning, but you are pretty sure they didn’t deserve it!

I’ve been where you are.  It hurts like hell, and it feels like there is no way out.  The path ahead is dark and overgrown with brambles, you feel trapped with no way out.

Luckily for you, I got to the total meltdown point, and found a way to clear the path to happiness and peace.

I have created this 6 week, self guided programme to help you clear the brambles, and light the path to peaceful, joyous living.

This powerful programme will give you strategies, practices and tools that will help you get your stress levels under control, get better sleep and increase your energy levels and calm your mind and body, allowing you to enjoy your life so much more!

Following the advice of Amit Ray here, we will be working with the breath – increasing lung capacity, raising conscious awareness of the breath, using the breath to find stillness and relaxation, and maximising the benefit of each breath.

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Is this programme for you?

I have designed this programme for you if

  • you know that life is meant to be about more than just getting to the end of the day without mentally imploding
  • have had enough of feeling at the mercy of your moods
  • feel too busy, over worked, over stressed and exhausted
  • are ready to take some serious action to improve your health and wellbeing
  • know in your heart that happiness is not ‘something that happens to other people’, and is your birthright!

How will this help me to be happier?

Throughout the 6 weeks you will learn how to

  • let go of tension in your body and mind
  • calm yourself when you feel stress levels rising
  • relax and get more, better quality sleep
  • focus and quieten your mind
  • better understand yourself and your emotional triggers
  • find gifts in daily life that you hadn’t noticed before
  • enjoy the things you do, and the people you are with far more
  • develop new habits that support your well-being

What Does the Programme Include?

Over the course of six weeks I will send you a series of videos which will teach you some very simple breathing and relaxation exercises.

You will receive a new video each week, as well as weekly workbooks which will help you to reflect on what you are learning, and teach you simple but effective yogic ideas to help you to see your world in a more positive light.

By incorporating these practices and ideas into your day, you will see a marked difference in how you feel.

In 6 weeks you will have renewed calm, more energy, a new perspective on life, and renewed passion for the good things in the world!

What's the Investment?

This transformative, 6 week programme will cost you just £145.

You can pay directly through Paypal using the link below, or if you prefer, I can send you an invoice and you can pay directly.  The link below will take you to a link where you simply need to login and make your payment.




Imagine what your day could look like….

You wake up just before the alarm goes off, with a smile on your face after a deep, refreshing night’s sleep.  

You have plenty of time, so you start with your favourite gentle morning routine, enjoying some YOU time before the demands of the day start.

The little things that used to bother you are barely noticed now as you move calmly through the day, pausing to take deep breaths, to reflect, to be still and to rest.  

You are productive and focused in all that you do, and find yourself enjoying the things you do in life far more than you thought possible.

You make sure that you meet your needs before anyone else’s, knowing that in doing so, you are able to give more to those who need you.  

You enjoy life, are fully present with what you are doing, and laugh and smile like you haven’t done in AGES, and you go to bed every night with gratitude in your heart and peace in your mind, and sleep well.

happy woman running in nature

Sounds good doesn’t it?

You CAN have a life of ease, calm and joy, and what’s more, you TOTALLY deserve it!

I know it seems like an impossible dream right now, but you CAN have this!

You just need some help and guidance from someone who has been there, who has had the meltdown and has come out the other side.

And here I am!

I am Esther Nagle, and I help help busy women who ‘barely have time to breathe’ to create space, calm, focus and wellness in their life by harnessing the healing and transformational power of the breath.

I lived a very high stress life for many years, lurching from one disaster to the next, constantly angry at the work, and getting through my life with coffee, cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol to support me.

It’s no wonder I struggled to deal with life when these were my coping strategies!

The breakdown I had in 2013 was almost a welcome relief.  It forced me to look at my life, and to finally acknowledge that I was doing it all wrong.

Yoga was my chosen path of recovery, and through a 13 month teacher training course, I experienced the most remarkable transformation.

By the end of the course, I had quit smoking and drinking, no longer felt that the world was personally out to get me, and recognised that I was a powerful force to be reckoned with when it came to creating the life I wanted to live.

While Yoga taught my many things, one of the most important and transformative tools it gave me was the ability to breathe well.

Good breathing is a powerful tool for physical and mental health.  Through learning to breathe properly, I was able to

  • increase my energy levels
  • finally be able to sleep well at night
  • take a calmer, more thoughtful approach to difficult situations
  • reduce general stress levels
  • create tolerance, forgiveness and compassion where there was once anger, blame and resentment
  • smooth the emotional rollercoaster I lived on.

I look back at the person I was and I barely recognise her.  I still have the parts of myself that I used to like, but I have ditched the bits I didn’t like, and have created new bits I LOVE!

For the first time in my life, I LOVE me!

I want this for you.

It is your right as a beautiful, soulful, child of nature.

Learning to breathe well can be the start of a life of calm and peace.

Join the course, and begin your journey to stress free living now!

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please note, the link will take you to Paypal where you will be able to pay.  You will receive a receipt from Paypal immediately, but I will need to add you to the course manually.  Please be patient.  I will aim to do this within 24 hours, but at weekends and during school holidays this may take a little longer.  Please drop me an email if you haven’t had your first email within 24 hours

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