Calling all Busy Women!

Whether it’s kids or clients keeping you on your toes.


Are you taking enough time out for YOU?


You are a fantastic mum, an amazing wife, your friends adore you, and your clients and colleagues rave about your brilliance.  And why wouldn’t they?  


You ARE amazing!


You’re seen by so many as a Superwoman…always busy, always giving so much to the world, always making good things happen for those that need it.


But what about you?


What do you do for yourself?

You wake up each morning feeling like you could probably use another night’s sleep, then your days are full to the brim with other people’s needs, desires and demands.  

You barely have time to breathe as you deal with your to do lists, rushing from one task to the next with hardly any time to stop and enjoy the moment.  

When you collapse into bed at night, you’re exhausted, but it always takes longer than you’d like to fall asleep.

How often do you take time out to care for YOUR needs?  

When did you last get time to just do what YOU want to do?  

Do you ensure that you get ‘me time’ each week, or does 5 minutes of peace to have a shower, time on the loo, and the moments of contemplation you get when washing the dishes just about cover it?  

The days seem to blend into one sometimes, a frantic rush from morning to night.  Surely you are meant to enjoy life a little more? 

Image credit - Speechless by Dar'ya Sip (

Image credit – Speechless by Dar’ya Sip (Image credit – Speechless by Dar’ya Sip (



How many times have you told the kids you were playing hide and seek and just left them hiding for a few minutes so you could enjoy the silence and the alone time?   Is that just me?  No, I didn’t think so!

Do you wish you could just lock the door, put the autoresponder on the emails, cancel all your meetings, leave the kids with someone else and spend the day in bed eating chocolate and watching ‘junk food’ TV?

Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious.  You get to choose how you use it.  You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.

Anna Taylor

woman in meditation posture

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Your Yoga loving friends seem to have it nailed! They go to their classes and seem to emerge in a bubble of zen like calm. They tell you that life is SO much better with Yoga in it.

You tried it once.

You had to fight to get out of the house, were late, realised that you had brought a Barbie blanket instead of the more adult one you had intended, and spent the whole of the session worried about accidentally farting and thinking about all the things you have to do tomorrow, and worrying if the kids were behaving!

Everyone in the class seemed to know what to do, and you couldn’t help but worry that you were doing it all wrong.

You did feel great after it, and you slept SO well that night!

It’s been hard to get to another class since then though.

It’s so frustrating!

You know that yoga will help you feel less stressed and more positive and energised, and yet, you’re so busy and stressed and tired, you can’t even give it a go!

And perhaps your nearest class isn’t really that near.

It seems so indulgent to get a babysitter every time you want to go to yoga!

It’s just not fair.

You can’t even get out the house to give it another try!

You’ve experimented with online classes but you find they lack the personal touch and the motivation of in person classes.

One of the best things about doing a class is the sense of community and connection.

The online things you’ve seen are so anonymous.

How do you know you’re doing it right?

And wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to interact with actual people to talk about the class afterwards?

I have a solution for you!

The Breathe Live Grow Academy will provide you with the opportunity to learn a range of yoga exercises, practices and mindset tools, with the community experience and personal coaching and motivation that an in person teacher can give you.  All in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule.

No more signing up to online programmes and not completing a single class

Goodbye sitting at home wishing you could be at a yoga class

Hello to practical, flexible and easily manageable home practice with the opportunity to connect with new friends all over the world.

The Academy will offer a rolling programme of lessons to teach you the basics of Yoga, allowing you to benefit from membership even if you have never so much as looked at a Yoga mat before, as well as benefiting you if you have experience of Yoga.

Lessons will cover asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control), as well as how you can incorporate yoga principles into your life to create a happier way of living.  

The lessons will be delivered through video and workbook, with relaxation mp3s and live classes.  There will be a community space where you can discuss your experiences, ask questions and share your journey, and “office hours” once a week to answer your questions and support your practice. 

You will be encouraged and supported on your journey, with accountability and motivation from me and the community.

We will have weekly group coaching calls, in which we will discuss how we are finding the classes, and talk about different themes such as

creating self care routines that work

living with gratitude

how to get better sleep

practising with the kids

strategies to beat stress at work

kindness and compassion

…..and muich more

Benefits of joining the Breathe Live Grow Academy include

Increased flexibility and strength in your body

Stress release and management

Increased resilience to stress

Strategies to help you look at life in a more positive light

Increased energy and better sleep

Create daily routines that allow you to take care of yourself while giving your best to those who need you

The Breathe Live Grow Academy will be opening at the start of September, but I am inviting you to become a founder member at a lifelong* special price if you sign up between now and 20 August.  


The price on the ‘official’ launch will be £49 per month, or £490 for the year.  


You will be getting such a lot of value for this price – a full month’s worth of teaching and support, community and accountability, with the convenience of being able to access the materials when it suits YOU, all for roughly the price of one session with a personal trainer!  Yoga studio and gym membership can cost a fortune, and you have to actually go to the venue to benefit!  The Breathe Live Grow Academy will give you the benefits of studio membership and so much more!


EVEN BETTER, if you sign up before August 20, you can join for the massively reduced price of £29 a month, or £290 a year.  


An absolute bargain, I am sure you will agree!


Whatever price you sign up at, this will be your price for the duration of your membership, regardless of any future price rises, so if you think this will be something you can benefit from, don’t delay! Fill in the form below and I will email you with an invoice so you can be in.


As a special bonus, if you join before 20 August, you will get access to my 4 week online course Breathe The Stress Away, which will be delivered to you by email and video.


Don’t delay, sign up before the 20th to lock in your best price!  


If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I will answer all your queries!

Founder Member payment options

Pay monthly

Set up automatic payments for your membership.  I will send you the first of the ‘Breathe the Stress Away’, your bonus free gift for joining early, within 24 hours of receiving your payment, and will be in touch personally very soon

Get 2 months free when you pay for the year

This option will set up automatic annual payments for your membership, locked in at this bargain price.  I will send you the first of the ‘Breathe the Stress Away’, your bonus free gift for joining early, within 24 hours of receiving your payment, and will be in touch personally very soon

I have always heard that one moment can change your life. Now I am living it. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your wisdom and your guidance. I am now a Yogi girl and it is the basis of my recovery. Breathe is what Esther told me and BREATHE is what I am learning to do. I am so grateful to have you as part of my journey. 😊


Don't Be Shy

If you have any questions about the Breathe Live Grow Academy, drop me a line at any time, I will get back to you within 1 business day