Recovery doesn't need to be SO stressful and difficult!

Life in recovery the BALANCED way is so much easier!

Are you wondering how you will manage life’s challenges in recovery?

You’re happy to be on the recovery path, but life feels so hard sometimes.

When you had drink and drugs to turn to, it was easy…when life got tough you could easily numb the pain for a few hours.

Not so in recovery.  Your comfort blanket has been taken away from you, and you need to get through things a different way.

It can feel very scary, but there are ways it can be made a lot easier.

I can help with that!


I spent 20 years using alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, music, shopping and technology to distract me from my emotions.  Anything that meant I didn’t have to really experience my emotions was good for me.

I didn’t, or wouldn’t, see that I was in active addiction for a very long time.

It took a total breakdown at the age of 40 to make me realise that my ‘coping strategies’ were nothing of the sort. They were, in fact, compounding my problems.

Training to teach Yoga forced and helped me to sit with my feelings, to explore them, to feel them and process them instead of trying to bury them.

It wasn’t easy, but it was SO liberating.


So I know how scary things might be feeling for you now.

You are in new territory, actually having to face and deal with your emotions rather than deal with them.

It can feel overwhelming sometimes, and you can feel very lost and alone.

I know.  I’ve been there.

Luckily for you, I learned an amazing range of strategies and practices that can make recovery a whole lot easier, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices that can help you to heal from the inside out.

My recovery gave me my purpose in life and my work, to help people just like you to learn new ways to deal with life’s challenges, to help you to find peace and contentment in yourself, to use my experience and learning to empower you to live your own BALANCED recovery.

It is my honour and privilege to guide you on the path to stressfreeless recovery

BALANCED Recovery, Balanced Life

Addiction affects every aspect of your life.  Your physical and mental wellbeing, relationships, self esteem, energy, sleep, resilience to stress, and so much more all get affected by the addiction.  Recovering from an addiction can bring improvement in all these areas of life, but it takes time and work.

And it can feel like a long and difficult path.

Recovery means bringing life into balance, to restore your equilibirum to a healthy normal.

In this powerful 12 week one to one coaching programme, we will use BALANCE to create balance

Breathe – there is so much healing in learning to improve, and be fully present with, the breath

Accept – the current situation

Let go – of physical and mental tension, of the need to control life

Awareness – of your self, your body, your thoughts, your emotions

Now – being present

Connect – improving your relationship with yourself, the world around you, and your spiritual side (how ever that is for you)

Explore who you are

and, because this will help you to become more BALANCED

Decide on your path

This powerful programme will give you strategies, practices and tools that will help you get your stress levels under control, get better sleep and increase your energy levels and calm your mind and body, allowing you to enjoy your life and recovery so much more!

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Is this programme for you?

I have designed this programme for you if

  • you are in recovery and struggle to manage your emotions
  • are about to begin recovery and would like to get some stress management strategies in place
  • have had enough of feeling at the mercy of your moods
  • are ready to take some serious action to improve your health and wellbeing
  • know in your heart that happiness is not ‘something that happens to other people’, and is your birthright!

How will this help me to be happier?

Throughout out time together you will learn strategies to

  • deal with cravings
  • let go of tension in your body and mind
  • calm yourself when you feel stress levels rising
  • relax and get more, better quality sleep
  • focus and quieten your mind
  • better understand yourself and your emotional triggers
  • find gifts in daily life that you hadn’t noticed before
  • enjoy the things you do, and the people you are with far more
  • develop new habits that support your well-being

All with the loving support of someone who has lived through soul crushing stress and 2 decades of addiction and come through it with a smile on her face!

What Does the Programme Include?

Throughout the programme we will be covering the elements of the BALANCED framework as described above.  This has been constructed to give you a powerful toolbox of strategies that will help you develop greater resilience in recovery, so that you can enjoy a secure recovery.

We will be working with breathing techniques and relaxation strategies to help you deal with stress, and be calm day to day.We will look at how you can create healthy, supportive routines in your life to reduce stress and improve

We will cover lots of mindset strategies to help you process and reframe situations, problems and emotions so that you cna move forward in a more positive state of mind.

We will look at how you can create healthy, supportive routines in your life to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

We will be using various mindset strategies to help you see the world more positively.

You will be given lots of strategies to help you sleep better.

You will receive plenty of support materials to use between our weekly calls, such as relaxation recordings, yoga practices, breathing technique videos, journal questions and more, dependent on your personal needs.  If I don’t have what you need already, I will create it for you.

We will speak weekly through Zoom, and I will record the calls and share them with you for future reference.

You will receive feedback, accountability and email support after each call.

What's the Investment?

This transformative, 12 week programme will cost you just £995.

Payment plans are available, we can discuss this when we have our connection call

How much is resilience, relaxation, and strength in your recovery worth to you?

Through working with Esther, I was finally able to gain a new perspective on issues affecting my life. Recovery is not always about rapid progress, but having patience with the process, and this was something I had apparently overlooked before making time to talk with Esther. As a result, I now know that peace is possible. CB

“Alchemy is the process of changing lead into gold. Inner alchemy (personal transformation) occurs when we clear our clutter—internal and external—and let go of things that no longer serve us well. This creates balance and space, a place that nurtures contentment, which I believe is true success.”

Laurie Buchannan, PhD

Imagine what your day could look like….

happy woman running in natureYou wake up just before the alarm goes off, with a smile on your face after a deep, refreshing night’s sleep.  

You have plenty of time, so you start with your favourite gentle morning routine, enjoying some YOU time before the demands of the day start.  You feel calm, energised and ready for the day ahead.

The little things that used to bother you are barely noticed now as you move calmly through the day, pausing to take deep breaths, to reflect, to be still and to rest.  

When life challenges you, you are able to take it in your stride, take the required action and move on.

Any cravings that come to mind for your former addiction are acknowledged and let go of.  You don’t need to fight them, you just let them pass.

You are productive and focused in all that you do, and find yourself enjoying the things you do in life far more than you thought possible.

You make sure that you meet your physical and emotional needs as a priority, knowing that in doing so, you are able to give more to those who need you.  

You enjoy life, are fully present with what you are doing, and laugh and smile like you haven’t done in AGES, and you go to bed every night with gratitude in your heart and peace in your mind, and sleep well.

Each day now feels like a gift, filled with opportunity to breathe, to live, to grow in recovery.

I have always heard that one moment can change your life. Now I am living it. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your wisdom and your guidance. I am now a Yogi girl and it is the basis of my recovery. Breathe is what Esther told me and BREATHE is what I am learning to do. I am so grateful to have you as part of my journey. 😊 MD

Sounds good doesn’t it?

You CAN have a life of ease, calm and joy in recovery, and what’s more, you TOTALLY deserve it!

I know it seems like an impossible dream right now, but you CAN have this!

You just need some help and guidance from someone who has been there, who has had the meltdown and has come out the other side.

And here I am!

I am Esther Nagle, and I help women in recovery to find effective coping, relaxation and mindset strategies to beat the stress of recovery

I lived a very high stress life for many years, lurching from one disaster to the next, constantly angry at the world, and getting through my life with coffee, cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol to support me.

It’s no wonder I struggled to deal with life when these were my coping strategies!

For twenty years, I was unable or unwilling to see that alcohol was a problem for me, instead I saw it as the cure for my problems.

I didn’t see that it was creating more problems for me than it ever solved!

The breakdown I had in 2013 was almost a welcome relief.  It forced me to look at my life, and to finally acknowledge that I was doing it all wrong.

Yoga was my chosen path of recovery, and through a 13 month teacher training course, I experienced the most remarkable transformation when I realised that I no longer needed alcohol and cigarettes to get me through my life.  

I stopped drinking and smoking on October 12, 2014, and, thanks to my yoga and self study practices, I have not relapsed once, despite a fairly difficult life in many ways.


By the end of the course, I had quit smoking and drinking, no longer felt that the world was personally out to get me, and recognised that I was a powerful force to be reckoned with when it came to creating the life I wanted to live.

While Yoga taught my many things, one of the most important and transformative tools it gave me was the ability to breathe well.

Good breathing is a powerful tool for physical and mental health.  Through learning to breathe properly, I was able to

  • increase my energy levels
  • finally be able to sleep well at night
  • take a calmer, more thoughtful approach to difficult situations
  • reduce general stress levels
  • create tolerance, forgiveness and compassion where there was once anger, blame and resentment
  • smooth the emotional rollercoaster I lived on.

Sobriety has given me many gifts in life, including self respect, sleep, friends I would never have met before, and the achievement of a dream.  I published my first book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, in 2016, something my 8 year old self is still ecstatic about!

I look back at the person I was and I barely recognise her.  I still have the parts of myself that I used to like, but I have ditched the bits I didn’t like, and have created new bits I LOVE!

For the first time in my life, I LOVE me!

My life has been transformed through sobriety, and the practices that helped me get, and stay, sober, and I would be so proud to help you achieve the same level of inner peace and contentment

I want this for you.

It is your right as a beautiful, soulful, child of nature.

Let’s talk, and take this vital first step towards creating your life of calm, happiness and peace of mind.

You are ABSOLUTELY worthy of it!

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Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.