esther nagle of balance and breathe on the beach on her yoga mat wearing purpleDo you often look at your life and wonder how it got to this, this is NOT how you imagined it would be?

You were sure that there would be more freedom, more joy, more connection with yourself and the world.

You find it much easier to focus on the things you have got wrong in life than the things you did right

You always felt a bit on the edge of things in life, never quite felt that you fitted in, never quite found your tribe

You sometimes feel that you might have accidentally fallen into someone else’s life

You work hard, but it never seems to be enough

You always worry that you haven’t got it quite right, haven’t done quite enough

You struggle to sleep at night, worrying about this and that, remembering things you would rather not think about at 1am on a work night!

You struggle to get up in the morning, and need a steady stream of coffee to get you through the day….and you wonder why you can’t sleep at night!

You get snappy and irritable easily, and often find yourself apologising, or worrying that you should.

You worry that you rely too heavily on coffee, cigarettes, food, wine, TV or Facebook to escape from your worries and de-stress, but you aren’t sure how else to relax

You have good friends, but you don’t like showing your vulnerable side even to them, so you keep it to yourself, scared to admit that you feel lost a lot of the time.

You would love to find a way to ease your stress, relax your body and your mind, increase your energy, be more positive and focused, and feel more like you.

There is, and I know, because I found it!

I’m Esther Nagle, and I am here to help.

I work with stressed out, busy women who ‘barely have time to breathe’ to create space, calm, focus and wellness in their life by harnessing the healing and transformational power of the breath.

About me

In 2013, I was teetering on the edge of a breakdown. Twenty years of alcohol addiction, untreated mental health problems, and non existent coping strategies were truly taking their toll, and when life got spectacularly difficult in a very short space of time, I had no cards left to play, I was lost.

Working 9-5, trying to juggle full time work with being a single mum to a teenager and a toddler, while feeding a demon who lived on my back demanding wine at every opportunity meant that I was exhausted; physically, mentally, emotional broken, and spiritually empty.

Living almost a lifetime with my finger on the self destruct button had left many scars in my psyche.

I was angry, insomniac, stressed, fearful, ready to fight the world, prone to explode into a rage or burst into tears at the slightest provocation, permanently stressed and always poised ready for the next disaster.

Convinced I was a terrible person, I sought to shift that self loathing by trying to blame others for my mistakes. I was dishonest, deceitful, judgemental and cynical. When my attempts to do the right thing failed, it was always other people’s fault, never my own, and I resented them for making me fail.

The inevitable breakdown, 20 years in the making, was almost a welcome hole to fall into. Unfettered by the demands of the job I quit in floods of tears, I was free to fully breakdown. After a few months of totally erratic behaviour, excessive drinking and tears and not enough sleep, I realised I needed to make some changes.

My path was not to seek medical help, or to finally acknowledge the addiction I had been desperately refusing to admit to for most of my adult life. I decided that the best thing for me was to train as a yoga teacher.

I was not wrong.

Esther nagle of balance and breathe, drunk during addiction and healthy in recovery thanks to yoga

Old Esther was not very happy, New Esther is VERY happy!

The 13 months of my training saw me change dramatically. Shedding a lifetime of tension and insecurity, I stepped into being a whole new me!

  • I stopped drinking after 20 years of addiction, and have been effortlessly sober since October 12, 2014
  • I stopped smoking the same day, after numerous failed attempts at quitting, this time it didn’t even feel like quitting, I just didn’t want to anymore
  • I no longer suffer from the insomnia that has blighted my life since I was a child and scared of the dark
  • I rarely get stressed out by anything, and am able to find positives in most situations
  • I no longer seek out (and always find) disaster in my life, my glass is no longer half empty, but half full, and I can refill it with anything I like, anytime I like
  • I look in the mirror and smile at myself with love and joy every day, instead of telling my reflection what an ugly, awful person she is
  • My physical appearance has improved dramatically
  • My physical health and my mental health have improved considerably
  • I feel happy and content with my life even when things are far from ‘perfect’ (they are NEVER ‘perfect’)
  • I have achieved a lifelong dream of being a writer, when I published my book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga, in 2016
  • I LIKE MYSELF, and think I am a GOOD PERSON! This is not something that ‘old Esther’ could have ever said.
  • I have found my purpose in life, and have achieved life dreams of being a story teller and an author!

Here I am sharing my story at The Story Party in May 2017

If I can help you to reduce the stress in your life, get to know yourself better and enjoy your one wild and precious life, I would be honoured to.

Please drop me a line and let’s arrange a time to talk