Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga by Esther Nagle (header image)Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga is the debut book from Welsh Yoga teacher Esther Nagle, and is available now on Amazon.

Esther Nagle, author of Bent Back into Shape: Beating addiction through Yoga, in Om Studio CArdiffDescribed as ‘part memoir, part self help book, part exploration of how a life of Yoga can benefit everyone‘, the book tells the story of a woman at war with herself, and how Yoga brought peace that had never previously been thought possible.

In a book that will inspire, challenge and educate, Esther takes you down the path of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga to show how Yoga is so much more than you might think it is, as is a life of sobriety.  If you think Yoga is all about touching your toes, and sobriety is boring, then you will learn something from reading this book.


Buy it now on Amazon, or get a free sample chapter, ‘The Long and Wine Filled Road’, when you join Esther’s mailing list

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“There is a common misconception amongst the general public that living a life free of alcohol is to live a life with something missing. A life where every day is struggle against the demon drink.

Esther Nagle puts these myths firmly to bed with her exploration of addiction and recovery and the power of yoga to both bring joy and to still ‘the whirlpools of the subconscious mind’.

Some books are called life-changing. This one really is.”

Michaela Jones

“A very brave and truthful account I can relate to. Thought provoking, informative, a must read for anyone wanting to find spirituality and learn about the use of yoga in addiction recovery”

Charlotte Harding
Recovery Mummy


Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga will is available on Kindle. You can get a free sample chapter of the book, called “The Long and Wine Filled Road” here

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