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Take a deep breath, and slow down.

Life doesn’t need to be so stressful.

You don’t need to be so hard on yourself.

You can rest and live easier.

Life can be easier

Breathe in, breathe out

I can help you find space, peace, balance, happiness and joy in your life

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Meet Esther

Hi, I’m Esther Nagle.  I discovered the power of Yoga to remove, reduce and beat stress in my life after a breakdown led me to Yoga teacher training, where I learned practices that soothed my entire being, and helped me achieve sobriety and peace after 2 decades of alcohol addiction, and unhappiness.


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Stress and recovery coaching

I work one to one with clients who want to find healthy, effective ways to manage stress in their life.  If you are feeling the pain of stress in any area of your life, it can filter out into all other areas.  Yoga offers ways to bring balance into all areas of your life, and harmonises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to give you balance and inner peace.

When we work together, I will teach you to incoroporate Yoga into your life in a way that works for YOU, and help you live the life you deserve


Yoga for all ages

Whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from regular yoga practice.

I run local classes in Cwmparc in the Rhondda, and in Pontypridd Museum.

I can also run classes for your workplace or community group, get in touch to find out more

Yoga retreats and workshops

I host regular yoga workshops and retreats. Get away from it all in one of these immersive programs of yoga, meditation and relaxation. You will return refreshed.

I am currently planning a series of workshops for this year, get in touch to be notified when they are launched


Highly Recommended

I have been attending Esthers Yoga classes now for a few months, although I often find it a struggle to fit classes into a busy life once I get there I really enjoy and leave feeling energised and relaxed, I have more energy and less aches and pains. Esther makes classes accessible for all ages and abilities. Highly recommended.
Linda Jones

Couch Potato Transformed

Esther came into our workplace for a series of classes. I was completely new to Yoga, and whilst my workload doesn’t allow me to be a total daily convert, she inspired me to listen to my body and my breathing and get off the couch more often. Thanks Esther for your endearing qualities.

Would you like less stress in your life?

Does the level of stress in your life affext your sleep, your moods, your health or your enjoyment of life?

In Stress Awareness Month this April, join me as we explore a number of different ways to deal with, reduce, control and beat stress, take control of live, and learn to live with more joy and happiness.

Join the 30 Day Stressed to Serene UnChallenge this April
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